Sales Team

Florida Region
Jared Revell
Phone: (863) 214-3027
Area: FL
Specialty: Director, Ag Division and Key Accounts
Steve Smith
Phone: (863) 381-0612
Area: FL
Specialty: Fumigation and Injection Services
George Stroud
Phone: (305) 343-4669
Area: Homestead Markets
Donovan Sykes
Phone: (901) 569-2824
Area: FL
Specialty: Ag Division Business Manager
Megan Thompson
Phone: (561) 299-6263
Area: East Coast and Belle Glade Markets
Kevin Updike
Phone: (863) 528-1968
Area: FL
Dodie Bertram
Phone: (813) 240-6894
Area: West Florida
Mark Frisbe
Phone: (239) 633-2732
Area: SW Florida
Frank Howard
Phone: (407) 256-0338
Specialty: East Coast Citrus/Central Florida Veg
Charles Palmer
Phone: (239) 292-6045
Area: FL
Georgia Region
Ken Anders
Phone: (229) 224-5308
Area: GA
Jake Purvis
Phone: (229) 251-4717
Area: GA