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Retail FertilizerOverview

No matter where you are in the world…We can be there too.

Howard has the ability and technology to formulate the products that you need and deliver them exactly where you want them. We offer a broad range of packaging sizes with equipment tailored to provide just what you need. Howard Fertilizer & Chemical is a tested and proven retail manufacturer of branded and private labeled fertilizer products, national or regional. Since 2005, Howard has supplied many nationally branded private label fertilizer products in the Southeast. Combined with our warehousing resources in Groveland FL, we are strategically aligned to maximize your freight dollar in the United States, and we are in very close proximity to multiple outbound shipping ports affording the ability to ship anywhere in the world.  

Seven strong reasons to partner with Howard:

  • Well established, technologically advanced company 
  • Lawn care specialists 
  • Full range of products including fertilizer with pesticides 
  • Established quality assurance program 
  • Custom blend specialists in the Southeast 
  • Strategic logistic alliances which offer freight advantages 
  • 80,000-square-foot warehouse facility available for short- or long-term fertilizer storage

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