Extinguish Plus for Pastures

Extinguish® Plus Ant Bait is a fast acting, long term solution to fire ant infestations , labeled for use on rangeland and pastures. When coupled with custom-tailored bulk fertilizer from Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Co., you acquire the control you require with the fertility results you need.

Controls: Imported fire ants (protein feeding), Southern (California) fire ants, harvester ants, big-headed ants, and Argentine ants.

Fast-Acting: The adulticide, Hydramethylnon, in Extinguish® Plus starts killing worker ants immediately after ingestion. Noticeable reduction in the number of active workers is seen within a week.

Long-Lasting: The insect growth regulator (IGR), (S)-Methoprene, sterilizes the queen to prevent rebound and mound movement. Colony reduction begins immediately and colony elimination may be seen within 2 weeks.

Area-Application: Extinguish® Plus is approved for pastures, rangeland, lawns, landscaped areas, golf courses, and other non-cropland locations where pests are a problem such as: airports, roadsides, cemeteries, commercial grounds, parks, kennels, school grounds, picnic grounds, athletic fields, campgrounds, and other recreational areas, as well as on grounds surrounding poultry houses (excluding runs and ranges), corrals, and other animal holding areas.

Use Rate: 1.5 pounds per acre in a broadcast.

Application Timing: All types – motorized spreaders, aerial, backpack, bait station, or hand.

REI: 12 hours for worker protection standards only.

Active ingredient: IGR (S)-Methoprene 0.25%, and adulticide  Hydromethylnon 0.365%.

Environmental Profile: Extinguish® Plus can be used with confidence around people, livestock, and pets. Extinguish® Plus  is specific to target pests and won’t affect other beneficial ant species.

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