New Polyworx™ Provides Gradual and Consistent Nutrient Delivery

The new Polyworx™ line of fertilizers from Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Company features the latest polymer coating technology, GAL-XeOne™. Available to golf courses and professional lawn care contractors throughout the Southeast U.S., Polyworx is formulated to emit a gradual and controlled release of nutrients into the soil for robust turfgrass and ornamentals growth.

The GAL-XeOne technology allows water to seep into the fertilizer prill, and then carries nutrients out through a semi-permeable membrane into the soil. Depending on the amount of GAL-XeOne that is applied to the sulfate of potash or nitrogen urea, nutrient release can be tailored to fit the needs of the turf or plant to promote root growth and durability, enhance plant maturity and disease resistance, and minimize leaching.

Polyworx performs effectively in a variety of weather conditions and soil types. And depending on the formulation, it can deliver nutrients for up to 18 months — which helps reduce labor and logistics costs. As an added feature for golf courses, Polyworx’s yellow prills easily blend into bunkers — which improves course aesthetics.

The Polyworx line currently includes six nitrogen urea formulations and three potash formulations. Additionally, by using the AccuBlend® custom formulation technology, Howard can create bespoke Polyworx products to meet specific needs of customers. The current nine standard Polyworx formulations are:

  • Polyworx NFE (42-0-0 FE) coated urea plus iron
  • Polyworx 42 (42-0-0) coated urea
  • Polyworx 43-90 (43-0-0) coated urea with a 90-day release
  • Polyworx 43-120 (43-0-0) coated urea with a 120-day release
  • Polyworx 44.5 (44.5-0-0) coated urea
  • Polyworx 44 (44-0-0) coated urea
  • Polyworx SOP180 (0-0-45) coated potash
  • Polyworx SOP90 (0-0-47) coated potash
  • Polyworx SPM (0-0-20) coated potash with water soluble magnesium and a lower rate for targeted turf and ornamentals treatment

By delivering the right amount of nutrients to match the pace of plant growth, Polyworx is a Nutrient Stewardship® best practice for the efficient use of resources. For more information on Polyworx, go to Polyworx™ is a trademark of the Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Company. GAL-XeOne™ is a trademark of the J.R. Simplot Company. Always read and follow label instructions before using Polyworx.